Last updated: 23 December 2006
Subject:	New Pier for my DSX-90
Sent:	Saturday, December 23, 2006 13:07:03
From:	Rita Nunez (rgnunez@elp.rr.com)
After reading Dr. Sherrod's write up about the pier that he made for his
ETS-125 I wanted to make one for my DSX-90.  The tripod that comes with
the DSX is not the most stable so I really wanted something better. 
This pier stays outside so all I do is bring the DSX out, attach it to
the cradle and it is ready to use.  I purchased the cradle from
Telescope Warehouse (www.telescope-warehouse.com) - thanks to Mr. Vorce!
- so I would not need to take apart the DSX tripod.  I followed Dr.
Sherrod's instructions except that I used 1/4" x 20 threaded rod with
turn-buckles where he used steel cable.  This was an easier and less
expensive solution to me.  The levelers are 5/8" eye bolts and there are
nuts welded to the bottom of each bracket for them to screw through.  I
still need to sand and paint the whole thing.  So far the pier has been
rock steady, with very little vibration transferred to the scope if I
hit it.  Please see the attached images.



photo I power my DSX from a regulated 12V/2A laptop power supply purchased from Marlin P. Jones and Assoc. for $10 (http://www.mpja.com/productview.asp?product=14628+PS). It even has the right size plug for the power connection I added to my DSX. Ed Nunez <<...>> <<...>> <<...>>

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