Last updated: 8 December 2006
Subject:	Meade 26mm eyepiece modified for eyeglass wearer
Sent:	Tuesday, December 5, 2006 13:45:08
A small and obvious tip, but I just thought I'd mention it because
others might have thought about it and wondered if it would work
(apologies if it is already mentioned on your website and I missed it):

When I bought my ETX 90PE  six months ago, I was very disappointed to
find that the eye relief on the supplied 26mm eyepiece was so poor that
I couldn't use it, as I wear eyeglasses for astigmatism. With my glasses
on, I could only see the very centre of the field of view (with my
glasses off everything is too blurred).

The shame was that the poor eye relief is totally caused by the long
tube between the first (next to the eye) lens and the rubber eye cup. So
I cut about 10mm off the end of the eyepiece (next to the eye cup) with
a junior hacksaw and glued the eye cup on to the freshly cut end with
super glue (being VERY careful not to damage the lens or get swarf on it
- I'm still not sure what is the best way do do this without dismantling
the optics, which I did not want to do).

Clearly people do this at their own risk, but for me it paid off, as I
now have a clear view right to the edge of the field, with my glasses
on, so it has turned what was a useless eyepiece for me into my best

Many thanks for a fantastic website.


Chris Wade


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