Last updated: 15 May 2006
Subject:	ETX-125PE: How do you remove the OTA from the forks?
Sent:	Sunday, May 14, 2006 09:54:17
From:	Allen Jensen (
Tom, here are the photo's.  In lnt_remove1, I am pointing at the screw
that is not obvious that you remove and you can see where the screw on
the right was already removed.  lnt_remove2 shows the LNT module
detached from the OTA and you can clearly see the plastic connector you
would have to disconnect if you wanted to leave the LNT on the OTA.


photo Hope this helps, I am also going to CC Mike Weasner on this in case he would like to add the photos to his site. Allen Jensen Tom Coombs wrote: > Hi all: > > I have an ETX-125 PE and would like to remove it from the Alt/Az forks so > that I get more use out of it when I travel. I would put a dovetail bar on > it ( I already got this from scope stuff ) and use it with my Equatorial > mount. > > Are there instructions as to how to remove this anyware? Also, how would > the LNT red dot finder operate as I guess it gets its power from the main > unit? > > Thanks. > > TC.
Mike here: To remove the OTA from the fork arms you must remove the four bolts (two on each side) that attach the tube adapters. You can see some photos of this operation near the bottom of this page:

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