Last updated: 17 August 2007
Subject:	Improved Method of Securing the Declination Scale on ETX Telescopes
Sent:	Thursday, August 16, 2007 12:08:01
From:	Dr. A. Schwartz (
In prior communications, it was suggested that two pieces of duct tape
placed on the back of the vertical lock would ensure that the
declination scale moved with the OTA. I tried it and found that the tape
only ensured that the locking knob moved with the declination scale
while the OTA could become independent of the scale.

The following worked for me:

Rather than placing the duct tape on the back of the locking knob, place
a round piece of duct tape with a hole cut for the bolt (A) on the back
of the scale disk in Fig 1 that just covers the inner axle of the
support arm (B) in Figure 2.


photo This will ensure that the scale moves with the OTA since the tape provides "friction" between the moving support arm and the declination scale. I hope this suggestion is not redundant, but I did not see it in any of the other tech notes on your site. Best regards, Abe

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