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Sent:	Friday, November 16, 2007 09:24:18
From:	Terry Godfrey (
Setting the Dec axis for polar home setup involves swinging the OTA to
be in line with the forks and standing back to see if the alignment
looks OK. This can be a hit or miss affair.

I wondered if others might be interested in this simple method I use for
accurately setting the DEC. scale in advance of using the telescope.

Best regards

Terry Godfrey


Mike here: Neat idea! But doesn't the base have to be perfectly level for this to be accurate? Hum, or maybe not.
Subject:	Re: Setting DEC axis scale [NEW!]
Sent:	Saturday, November 17, 2007 02:41:24
From:	Terry Godfrey (
Special levelling of the base is not necessary. All we are attempting to
do is line up the OTA coaxially with the RA axis. If the base is tilted
from horizontal it is no different than having a different angle of
incidence from the light source.

With regard to my original attached Instruction sheet, if you choose to
post it in 'Tech Tips' I would delete the use of a plain mirror and only
use light reflected off the corrector optics. Obviously setting up
requires a darkened room.

Best regards

Terry Godfrey

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