Last updated: 9 February 2007
Subject:	Dew shield, laser pointer, autostar holder and crosshair finder
Sent:	Friday, February 9, 2007 15:12:58
From:	Stamatiadis (
I must start by congratulating you (one more) for the excellent website.
Now here are a few more of these nice enhancements I read about and got
ideas for. I have an ETX-125 and I am finding that it works well on all
basic functions.

Dew shield

The dew shield was a piece of cake. Went to the nearest hardware store
and bought a roll of insulating material. It is made of styrene and
covered on the outside with a layer of silver colour plastic. Enough
material for several shields in one roll. Scissors and duct tape did the


It slides nicely back around the scope for easy storage.

Laser pointer

The laser pointer was fixed underneath the scope, using the two existing
screw holes. I bought two small curtain rod holders. These are just the
right size for a green laser pointer and already have one stabilizing
screw. All I needed to do was drill two more and add screws and I had a
perfect bracket (make sure the holders are as short as possible
otherwise the pointer will hit the base of the scope).


Autostar holder

For holding the autostar on the tripod, I used a car cell phone holder.
Some of the older ones are adjustable and can easily hold the autostar
and keep it firmly. 


Additional finderscope

Finally I bought a 6x30 straight crosshair finder with its bracket for $
20 on ebay and fixed it with double sided tape on the other side from
the right angle one that came with the scope. Now I have the choice when
pointing to a star.


Hope these will be useful to some.

Dimitri (from France)

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