Last updated: 31 May 2007
Subject:	dismanteling the ETX70 scope
Sent:	Saturday, May 26, 2007 04:28:19
From:	andresalbiplaya@jazzfree.com (andresalbiplaya@jazzfree.com)
start with going to "astro76.mypunbb.com/viewtopic.php?id=3958", which
brings you to the Forum in general, choose " desmontando el ETX 70 por
Piter", thats the series of about 50 fotos I followed to dismantle the
scope. Once I get things OK with the decl.motor, i'll send you more
details. Tell me if you got this right. andrew.

And more:

starting from foto n 21 from the link I send you , I unsrewed the 3
bolts holding the dec. arm with mecanism and electronics. After having
undone the arm protection,( 5 screws), I loosened the printed circuit,
controlled the dec and azimuth motors, which I found both OK so the
problem must be in the circuit board itself, which I can't check because
off my lack of knowledge in electronics. I don't have the drawing of the
circuitery anyway.

I cleaned the lot, I did not find any grease on the circuit board, and
little on the mecanism.

To asemble again, follow the explanations given in the link I send you.
By the way, I fell in my shack, dropping the scope and tripod to the
hard ground, ..I was lucky, no harm to lenses, only the plastic
eyepieceholder got bend and I had to straighten it out again using a
pair of players.

If any information is unclear or missing I will come back on it OK ?.
Thanks a lot. andrew
Mike here: I'm sure this will be helpful to others.


I have a "terestrian scope"for the moment, until I get to the problem
seriously. The printed circuit on my scope says " ETX 60- C-2005 Meade-
15-6855-00 Rev 6. I don't think this is any worth to otrhers!!. Yes the
fall was a lucky one, I got away with it with some black spots and some
blood too. but not serouisly. Thanks for all. andrew.

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