Last updated: 20 December 2007
Sent:	Thursday, December 20, 2007 00:21:06
From:	Jens Stark (jens@stark.net)
Thanks to you and your site, I was able to build a cheap power supply
for my ETX-70.

Here is a simple writeup:

How to build a 5$ ETX-70 car lighter adapter in ten minutes.

You need:

One broken device running off a 9V block battery.
One broken device getting power from a car lighter socket.
A multimeter (can be reused later).
Solder or something else to create electrical connections.
Electrical tape

1) Remove the 9V block battery adapter from the broken device. In my
case, an old smoke detector did the trick.
Just cut it off the printed circuit board and discard the device.

2) Take (or buy) something running off a car cigarette lighter socket. A
lamp. A small fan. Whatever it is, it should have a long cable attached.
In my case, I bought a small lamp for something like $3. Cut off the
wire at the device side.

3) Temporarily connect both cables together. Connect to power station or
car cigarette lighter.
Check if polarity is the same as on the ETC-70 power supply. This is
important! If this is not the case, reverse and try again.

4) Connect the wires by soldering or some other permanent means.

5) Check polarity again, just in case. I caught a
would-have-been-lethal-to-scope mixup here.

6) Wrap each connection with electrical tape. Then wrap electrical tape
about both connections.






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