Last updated: 7 September 2007
Subject:	Which Finder
Sent:	Thursday, September 6, 2007 09:30:54
The following pictures show my now "overcrowded" ETX 105 which has  a
240mW Green Laser Pointer , Reddot Finder and 8x25 RA finder (now on a
modified mount to make room for the DSI).


photo Why all the different finders? A typical Slew uses the green pointer whilst i'm at the laptop to trace across the sky to the object of interest followed by a quick squint through the Reddot before final tweaking in using the 8x25. Probably not the first person to suggest this but I find that using a 20mm SWA eyepiece out of focus to produce a fairly large "Donut image" of an alignment star makes for easier final alignment - I now use this method rather than my 12.5mm Reticule eyepiece. and have achieved the better than 5' message using this method The Laser pointer is also really useful for the initial (or quick) alignment on polaris as you can manipulate the OTA mount and tripod away from the eyepiece. Regards, Peter Smith (UK)

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