Last updated: 17 June 2007
Subject:	Levelling the tripod
Sent:	Tuesday, June 12, 2007 21:13:01
From:	Eric West (eric@hayleymedia.com)
My recently purchased ETX 90 EC came with the #884 Tripod, which I have
found to be excellent, if a little low when observing objects at high
elevations (I am a touch over 1.85 metres). However when it comes to
sharing the experience with my young grand-children, it is just too
darned high at full extension. Of course, one can lower it by sliding
the legs in, but then, how do you ensure that the mounting plate remains
level, especially in the dark!

I think I have the answer. In the daylight I adjusted the tripod to
about the right height, using my youngest grandson as a guide, and then
measured the amount of lower leg protruding, (about 11 inches for young
Shaun who is 11).

I then cut a piece of 1 inch wide aluminium strip to precisely that
measurement and screwed a 3/4 inch spring clip exactly flush with each
end of the strip.

All I need do now, in the dark, is fit this gauge to each fully extended
leg in turn, and then close the leg until it is stopped by the spring
clips, then lock it. Each leg is now retracted by the same amount, the
mounting plate has to be level, and the telescope is at the right

Total cost to solve the problem, about $5. As the kids grow, I will just
get a longer piece of strip!

Hope this helps someone
Eric West

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