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Subject:	Adding An LNT Module To Older Scope
Sent:	Tuesday, January 16, 2007 18:16:41
From: (
In a pevious post Dick Seymour mentioned that he bought an LNT module
from Meade to upgrade his older non-LNT scope.  The module came with a
long coiled cord to plug into the Aux port. I have a spare LNT module
from a beat up ETX90PE and would like to add it to my LX90 classic, but
of course it does not have the Aux plug installed.. My LNT module has
four wires, red, blue, yellow and green.  Can you or Dick tell me which
wire/pin combinations I should use when I add the Aux port connector?
From:	richard seymour (
First answer: i haven't a clue.
2nd answer: Meade is renowned for near-random choices and assignments
of colors in their hookups. You would be far safer to back-track
the other end of the cable (leading to the power panel, or simply
with an ohmmeter when it's not powered) to figure out which color
went to which pin on the AUX socket. (the cable to the LNT will
be paralleled to the AUX sockets).

My own coil-cord model has a red/black/yellow/green cable.
Now, -normally- i'd assume that "red" was positive.
Nope.. it's ground.   (see "2nd answer", above).
On my LNT's AUX cable, the colors appear to be:
Red = 0v ; Black = AuxData ; Yellow = AuxClk ; Green = +12v
But i would -not- assume those colors to hold true for yours.

The AUX -socket- pinout can be see at:

have fun (but use an ohmmeter)

Sent:	Saturday, January 20, 2007 07:59:51
From: (
You were right, I ohmed out the wires and they're different from yours. 
My LNT wiring scheme is  Red= 12v, Yellow= Aux Data, Blue= Aux Clk, and
Green= ground.  I've rigged it up temporarilly to my LX90 with a bungee
cord and it appears to work fine.  All I need now is a way to
permanantly mount it to the OTA.

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