Last updated: 12 January 2007
Subject:	Fix for ETX-125 PE: No auto align, no red dot view finder
Sent:	Monday, January 8, 2007 19:23:04
From:	Jeff Lebold (jlebold@boldstarinfrared.com)
First, a big Thanks...the problems are now solved!!

Second, I have written up a brief "what, where, how" in hopes you may
post it to help anyone who may also have this problem. It must have come
to the factory like that. I unpacked it from the original packing
myself...it was brand new. I have also attached a before and after photo
of the root cause component.

Problem: Auto Align and all LNT functions do not show up in the Autostar
(hand controller) menus. Scope won't Auto Align or the red dot view
finder does not work.

I guess a few thing may cause this but I found faulty connector wiring
on the LNT connector. See photos. The connector itself was engaged but
two of the four connector pins have slipped out of the plastic


To fix, I simply pushed the pin back up into the connector (you could
hear a little click when they were in the right spot).


Reconnected and re-assembled the LNT module on to the scope. Presto, all
is good.

I think the same symptoms would occur if there was any faulty wiring
conditions (connector not connected, or a broken wire) or a bad battery
in the LNT unit.

I only say this now because Mike Weasner pointed it out to me. Thanks
again Mike!!

Jeff Lebold, Oshawa Canada

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