Last updated: 22 August 2007
Subject:	Autostar problem fixed-thanks
Sent:	Sunday, August 19, 2007 03:16:15
From:	Unal Kazak (
Thank you for valuable support. After trying all possible tests, we
found nothing to interrupt the connection or shorts in the cabling.

I sent the autostar HBX back for check up. Here, Meade dealer said it
has warranty , so they could change it. Couple of days later he called
me up and told me that my Autostar working fine, but meanwhile he sent
me a new one anyhow. Since the telescope moved without the Autostar by
touching the coiled cord's free end. We thought it might be magically
the new Autustar would work somehow-.

As soon as it is arrived we plug it to the telescope and with a little
pray, turn it on.  NOTHING! again. Didn't work.

Only place is left not checked was the Right vertical arm cables. So I
decided to pull the OTA out and see if all is ok.

But, before, I had to unplug the LNT module first. So, I unplug it  and
put it aside,... My daughter, (11) vizard of computer and electronics,
before I could stop her in fry, she turn on the switch on the
telescope's base. EUREKA..! Autosar hand box light up and welcome us
like Christmas tree.

We were happy to see that there was a life on her again.

I plugged back to see if it worked with LNT unit, there was no life... I
un plugged to see if there was a problem with the LNT module, Yes it
wont work With LNT module cables plugged.

So I thought something maybe wrong with the LNT (maybe battery run
down?) still didn't know the relationship between the Autostar and LNT.

I opened up and check the battery in the LNT unit and it read 3V right
on the dot. Looked everywhere else (cables and small board and
connections, All seem to be in order.

Than I decided to check to the wiring might be shorting from the LNT
socket to telescope's base. There were 4colored socketed wires to the
LNT unit from the right fork arm. I wanted to see if all wiring
connections is undisrupted someway.

Sure enough, red wire from open end of the right fork arm socket to the
base of the telescope socket...It didn't buzz.

Than, I know, there is short, somewhere between the telescope base
socket to the LNT unit socket.

I pulled the OTA and saw immediately the red wire was cut off when I was
reassembling the OTA at the first time. I must have broken the wire when
I forced to click OTA to the fork arms. I then cut the wires all four of
them from the behind of the fork arm (near the worm gear motor)
soldering and extended all four to the LNT socket, resoldered to the
socket and opened up a channel (using Dremel stoning)  3mm wide-1mm
deep- at the in-side of the ear of the right arm fork so wires can be
out of the way of the OTA for reassembling.

So, one cannot start Autostar if; the LNT unit and the telescope is not

I hope this lesson will be use for someone for someday.

Next Q, is What is on the front lens so delicate that we cant just clean
with soft cloth with a little alcohol on it. What are the coatings;
would they come off so easy?

Is it like some chemicals would get reactions against others? I hear
they are unlike a any camera or other optical lenses. We don't know
nothing about them. What happens if someone accidentally sneezes on it
and leave some spit dusts?

Can we just clean it with isopropyl alcohol and leave it or we have to
wipe off the alcohol with sterile water afterwards?

Thank you adgain.
Respect, Unal Kazak-Turkey

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