Last updated: 31 July 2008
Subject:	My $2.00 Scope upgrades
Sent:	Thursday, July 31, 2008 11:25:28
From:	Allen Fowler (laurancef@centurytel.net)
As I recently wrote I have upgraded from a Meade ETX-90 ec to a 125 PE.
I have been very satisfied with the performance of this scope so far. I
have had no problems and the autostar has preformed flawlessly. I really
like the red dot view finder in spite of many negative comments on it.
As a hunter I have been familiar with and used AimPoint scopes for
years. Perhaps my familiarity with this technology adds to my comfort in
the use of this item.The main reason I am writitng is to show some of
the readers my very inexpensive yet great upgrades.First the dewshield.I
went to the craft store and got a sheet of stiff black felt for $0.97.I
simply cut it to fit,wrapped it around the scope and used packing tape
to affix it to itself.It slides on and off effortlessly.Next my focus
extender.Yes it's what it looks like,a length of stiff rubber fuel line
from the autoparts store.I just shoved it on right over the focus knob
and it works great.My one gripe is the lack of a receptical for the
handset.No worries a few stragicaly placed Velcro dots,$0.50, suit the
purpose just fine.I know it my look a little unorthodox, but I'm a firm
believer in " form follows function". I hope this is helpful to tinkers
like me who want to save some cash.;Thanks again for your great sight.

L. Allen Fowler


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