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I thought I'd share a couple of projects that some people may find
useful. Since I live in Seattle, I have ample time to work on
scope-related projects without having to be distracted by actually being
able to USE the telescope. I guess almost constant overcast and terrible
light pollution can serve a purpose if you try to be positive...

I recently bought a new ETX-125PE with the "astro" tube, which is
apparently not popular because of the decorated OTA. Like many, I also
prefer the plain tube, but I figurred that for $300 off, I could live
with it- or fix it. I decided to make my own cover for the tube, and
realized that the cover could also serve as a dew shield, and maybe even
cut down on ambient light interference. I'm quite happy with the
results, which you can see in the picture I included, or at my website

I have included complete instructions and a printable pattern for anyone

I also found what I determined to be the ideal case for this telescope,
the Pelican 1610. By rotating the fork a bit when it's in the case, it
accomodates the LNT/finder module nicely. I was able to buy this case
for only $150, with free shipping.

Projects are ongoing- I'm currently working on a mount for a green laser
sight that will allow me to remove/attach it quickly for transport.


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