Last updated: 24 July 2008
Subject:	Mounting finderscopes.
Sent:	Wednesday, July 23, 2008 14:41:05
From:	PHIL G (
There is NO need to drill holes in a telescope to mount these!
I put a Tasco Bantam shotgun sight on my ETX-90RA years ago and it has
not come loose yet! I used a Weaver rail part that I got at WallMart
(sports section). It is held onto the OTA with 3M double sided tape.
There is NO discernable movement and the scope half of the Weaver rail
is a quick disconnect that takes mere seconds to remove or install.
Retaining alignment of course.

I have a second rail on my Celestron N5 so I can use the finder on both
'scopes. The finder he's looking at weighs a fraction of what the Bantam
does. I have the modded Daisy sight on the ETX and the Celestron red-dot
sight on the N5 so I can use both. :)

This double-sided tape can be had at most auto parts stores. It is used
to attach trim and emblems on cars and if it will stand up to outdoor
conditions for years (as it clearly does) it should last for a LONG time
on telescopes.

Jim could simply get the finder bracket that matches the
diameter/curvature of his OTA and stick it on with that tape. Upside is
it can be removed and replaced for the cost of a $2.00US roll of tape.
Hope this helps.

Subject:	Another Finder Scope Modification
Sent:	Tuesday, July 22, 2008 08:59:46
From:	Jim Drzewiecki (
After much frustration fiddling with the Meade 825 right angle finder
scope I came to the conclusion it was totally worthless. So this is what
I came up with.


I had a 6 x 30 straight through finder scope with a plastic mounting
bracket that I replaced off a Bushnell Newt, but I didn't want to drill
new mounting holes into the telescope, and screw into plastic. So I went
to the hardware store and got some REALLY STRONG 2 part epoxy glue.
Removed the existing 825 mounting bracket and glued the new bracket to
the telescope.


It's really nice having a finder scope you can ACTUALLY USE to polar
align the scope.

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