Last updated: 24 November 2008
Subject:	ETX-125PE - "Frozen" Clock - Resolved!
Sent:	Sunday, November 23, 2008 08:02:54
From:	Ludwig Krijgshaftig (ludwig.krijgshaftig@xs4all.nl)
My problem with the "frozen" clock has been resolved. Rather
unsurpisringly it was indeed the LNT battery that was at fault. Although
this is a brand new scope, purchased two weeks ago with an LNT battery
that is supposed to last five years, the included battery was down to
0.5V rather than the 3.0V it is intended to supply.

Nevertheless, there is also some surprising news to this. As stated
before, I was a bit hesitant to open up the LNT module in order to
verify and possibly change the battery. It would be a delicate job and I
would have to be careful not to damage the red dot device. Fortunately
it turned out to be a very easy job on my latest model ETX-125PE (blue

As you can see on attached pictures, I first detached the LNT module
from the scope by removing only the one small bolt left of the eyepiece
holder and carefully disconnecting the LNT wiring under the plastic
cover (this is already described elsewhere on your site), see picture
one. Turning the LNT module around showed a rubber patch at the
underside of the LNT module, see picture two. Removing the rubber patch
gave immediate access to the LNT battery, see picture three. Obviously
this is a design change for the latest model(s), but a very welcome one!

Still wonder though why Meade takes care to save 5 EUR for a small
battery on a 1099 EUR telescope...

Kind regards,




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