Last updated: 5 September 2008
Subject:	Smartfinder mount
Sent:	Monday, September 1, 2008 16:22:59
From:	Louis Welke (wwtpoper@yahoo.com)
I read about some folks having the smartfinder break off from the
mount(very fragile)on the ETX 90 thru the ETX 125 and not being able to
remove the screws that hold the broken part of the mount.

This happened to me when I unpacked my ETX 90 and found it that way, I
felt that to return the 'scope would mean many week before I would get
it back and maybe they would think that I broke it.

I tried to remove the screws to no avail so I just drilled (2) very
small holes at right angles to the holes that the (2) screws broke
through and drilled slightly into the base and then used (2) very small
wood type metal screws that tapped into the base very slightly and it is
holding very well, I hope this helps those affected.

Be sure you avoid the wires going to the smartfinder.

I hope that Meade will improve their quality control in the future.

Lou Welke

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