Last updated: 13 April 2008
Sent:	Saturday, April 12, 2008 18:15:15
From:	JOHN SABELLA (johnsabella@hotmail.com)
I have e-mailed you in the past, but today I want to share with you and
your members a very low cost way to power your ETX and other scopes for
the fraction of the cost of high priced add-ons available commercially.

I have attached 3 photos showing how easy the project is.

The first item to get is a Vector battery pack which can be bought at
any AID auto store. They run about $10.00. It comes with the battery
pack and what I didn't show was the AC adapter which will charge this
battery pack.

The other item can be bought at any Radio Shack. It's a very high
quality (No soldering required) cigarette lighter adapter. It even has a
Green LED which is helpful as a low light light source to read oculars
and such during the night hours.

The cord is easily obtainable from old AC adapters as long as the
configuration of the diameter and most important when assembling the
correct POLARITY which I found at your website for the ETX125.

All in all, I would say it shouldn't put you back more than $30 as most.
I'm going to make a mount for the battery pack at the bottom of the
ETX's 884 tripod, using the  center screw thread that juts out on the
bottom center of the tripod. It should also add more security to the
tripod as well. Let me know if you like the idea. Thanks and I want to
add your website is great.
John R. Sabella




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