Last updated: 14 May 2008
Subject:	Improving MySky useability
Sent:	Wednesday, May 14, 2008 17:30:29
From:	Marilyn Zunk (
Great site. This is my first time sending a tip that works very well for
me. I simply used a cheep ($19.95) New) camera tripod. I removed the
plate that normally fastens to the bottom of generic cameras or other
stuff. Then I used heavy rubber bands to fasten the MySky to the top pad
of the tripod. There are probably better ways to secure it to the
tripod, but this this project is still 'under construction'. Now when I
turn it on, (away from Cars, House, or anything electrical including
High Lines) where I am going to setup. I always use the GPS option to
get It's initial position. As soon as I press the button to start the
GPS function, I take my hand off the MySky and let the tripod steady it
until it is ready to use. So far it has been exactly right on. I have
used it with both of my scopes ETX-80 and ETX-125 and both #495 and #497
controllers and have had much better GoTo's. Of course the accuracy of
the GoTo's still depends on my initial alignment.

I have read a lot of comments from disappointed owners of the MySky. I
believe they would be much happier with it if they would not try to hold
it steady with their hand when using any of the GPS, Locate or Identify

I am really amazed at this (plastic kids toy) inexpensive way to add GPS
to our GoTo scopes

Larry Zunk
Waxahachie, TX


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