Last updated: 20 April 2008
Subject:	My ETX-125PE has a loose photo port
Sent:	Saturday, April 19, 2008 13:38:45
From:	ljfinger@msn.com
Have you seen this before?  The photo port on my new ETX-125 PE can come
out of the scope slightly, and it can rotate as well.  Is this known and
is there a known fix, or should I just dig in?
Lee Jay Fingersh
Mike here: I haven't personally seen one with this problem but it has been reported once that I recall. I did a Site Search (using the Google Search feature on the ETX Site Home Page) for "rear port loose" and the answer you need was found on Dr. Clay Sherrod's response to the email "ETX 125" on this page: http://www.weasner.com/etx/archive/feedbackDec01/125ec.html.


Thanks for that.  That's what I was afraid of (glue) - it was the only
solution I could find as well.

Lee Jay Fingersh
Mike here: Well, there is an alternative. Since it is new, return it to the dealer for an exchange.
Too late.

I was unsatisfied with that answer, so I "dug in".

The port is an aluminum piece that's simply pressed into the plastic -
not threaded.  Perhaps the design has changed since that response.

I ripped it out by mounting my adapter tube and pulling.  It came out
surprisingly easily.  I shudder to think that just this morning my $3000
camera was hanging by that thing.

I epoxied it back in with a *very* tiny amount of 30 minute 2-part
epoxy. See attached images.

Lee Jay Fingersh


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