Last updated: 17 April 2008
Sent:	Tuesday, April 15, 2008 20:12:05
From:	Tom McKechnie (
Had been looking at tripod vibration dampening pads at a price of about
$50.  After reading about home made pads using large furniture leg floor
protectors filled with silicon sealant (may have been on your site).  I
found a variation on this solution. I went to the local sporting good
and purchased three sponge hockey pucks.  Put a hole saw on the drill
press and hollowed out the sponge to a depth of about 5/8" (much deeper
than the sides on the floor protectors) and then filled them with
silicon making sure to form a depressed cone in the center.  The sponge
dampens some of the vibration and provides a non slip flexible pad while
the extra thickness of silicon dampens all remaining vibration.  Total
cost (3x $1.49 for the sponge pucks and $6.00 for the tube of silicon) ~
$11.00 .  Word of caution - it takes quite a while for 5/8" of silicon
to set up firmly.  Have enjoyed your site and thought I should pass this
Tom McKechnie

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