Last updated: 18 January 2009
Subject:	ETX / Polar modification for 884
Sent:	Thursday, January 15, 2009 19:41:47
From:	Dave Randall (dmrandall@gmail.com)
After spending a few nights with my ETX, I found that polar alignment
was frustrating and somewhat error prone.  I modified my #884 Deluxe
Field Tripod to better assist with polar alignment.  I replaced the
standard latitude control bar with a length of 5/16" threaded rod.  By
using two wing nuts on the threaded rod, I now have an adjustable
latitude control bar that I can easily set for either Alt/AZ or Polar

Attached is a photo of my configuration.  Here is the key:

1 - Threaded rod drilled out to accept the standard hinge pin from the
original latitude control bar.
2 - Upper wing nut to control the height of the tilt plate in Alt-Az
3 - 5/16" coarse threaded rod
4 - Rubber spacer and washer
5 - Wing nut to control the height of the tilt-plate in equatorial

With this modification, I now have fine control over the tilt using the
wing nut to adjust the tilt-plate height.  Once the alignment is set, I
use the original latitude control latch to hold the threaded rod in

I hope others will find this modification useful.



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