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Last updated: 3 December 2009
Sent:	Wednesday, December 2, 2009 09:21:11
From:	John Farrant (
I was becoming frustrated with hearing the so called coffe-grinder noise
coming from my dec motor/gear box. I decided to investigate.

The motor was definitely not the culprit. Plenty of grease present in
the gear box told me that this wasn't the problem either.

Only one thing left - the first gear after the motor. This was rocking
in it's "bearing" and producing the coffee-grinder row.

I cut out a piece of very thin and  flexible perspex as per card
template and superglued it to the metal frame with the H section
inserted under the plastic gear with the slot placed carefully around
the gear spindle - taking care not to crease the plastic around the

Result - no more loud noise and just a smooth hum from the motor.

Dec drive training figures are slighty lower.

Whether or not the sharp perspex edge will cut into the gear spindle, I
don't know - only time will tell.

Regards, John



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