Last updated: 18 March 2009
Subject:	Pesky hanging AutoStar controller fix.
Sent:	Wednesday, March 18, 2009 11:21:46
From:	stange (
Just a note to the others.

Using parts swiped from broken Scanners, or CB's, Hand-held studs can be
glued securely with 3M High Performance contact adhesive #1357 from
hardware store. Clip receiver is mounted with two small teflon cable tie
mounting stubs and some small hardware, firmly. One tiewrap is slipped
thru' the teflon mounts and around any leg. Holds firmly yet allows a
circular repositioning without scarring the paint finish. Common sense
method that prevents a broken LCD screen from dropping. If Meade can't
do it....we can! alternative controller holding studs can be made (if
not available) by press fitting 2 washers over a cut-off bolt shank and
center punched to expand shank at both ends before glueing if more than
1 controller is used.  -Larry


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