Last updated: 7 September 2009
Subject:	getting aligned
Sent:	Saturday, September 5, 2009 05:27:45
From:	Marilyn Morris (
I was able to align the new ETX-LX which had given a few moments of
problem qiuite easily, after changing the latitude/longitude for my
site, in  Ontario, Canada. Initial reading brought a lot of confusion,
but by following the prompts on the menu site, my new scope now works
perfectly. It initially seemed very sure I was living in Mexico, or at
least, the southern US states, After several attempts, I was rewarded
with an accurate siting of Acturus, then Alcor, and we were then able to
see others. The scope initially tried to find the moon, too large a
movement. The directions are in the tree, starting with Menu; Select
Item; Setup:Align.It's the 6th scroll across, and will bump down to
Terrestial, but menu and setup have to be added in a sequence, that was
the hardest part to remember. I did stop the machine improperly at least
twice, in sheer frustration, and did enter the lat/long twice, at one
point. I also found the slew rate to be constant, and the parking place
kept the scope in a locked position, as I needed to move the scope
inside. Perhaps alt alt/az would also work, I am not yet willing to try
that. The scope finds planets, stars, and dark holes easily, and the
pointer lined up properly..Hope this helps someone  else, in a different
Mike here: This applies to AutoStar III version 1.07. It may or may not apply to later versions.

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