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Last updated: 31 December 2009
Subject:	v 1.3 update
Sent:	Monday, December 28, 2009 22:15:06
From:	richard seymour (
The "1.02" is the version of the *loader*, not the final running firmware.
So having that appear after an update is *not* really a problem.

V1.3 does exist *on your PC* as "13" (no decimal point).

(it's actually a folder labeled ETX_LS13  in the
Program Files/Meade/AutostarSuite/Updater  folder)

Yes, the SD card has to be bigger than 256MB and smaller than 4 GB.
(i use a 2GB card)

have fun

End of today's update
Sent:	Sunday, November 15, 2009 18:47:11
From:	richard seymour (
A few things that are not obvious about the ETX-LS:

(a) install two C-cells in the -leftmost- positions (if you're using external power)
 They provide power to the GPS receiver's time-of-year and ephemeris memory.
 This can help reduce the time required for subsequent fixes.  It also lets
the Autostar prompt with a time based upon the -previous- session.

(b) In v1.2g, the Satellite Count=0 is not actually true.
 if you have a Video Screen attached to the scope, and the GPS times out,
 and if you tell it to try again (it will prompt for Gps, Manual or "near XXXX",
 with XXX being the last city it knew about) i have seen it say "Satellites=3"
 for an instant before it achieves the fix.  But -never- on the first attempt.

(c) the "Near XXXX" may only be offered if you have the two C-cells in place.
 (the time may be displayed strangely.  For 7:50pm it may offer   20: -10
 (20 hours less ten minutes...))

(d) to tell it the state of "Daylight Savings": do a -manual- Time-Set.  Then it will ask.

If you are trying to regain manual control during the gps fix, i have
found that alternatively pressing the MODE and BACK keys *many times* will
eventually break its grasp and it will ask what to do.

I have found that the AutoAlignment is happy to work in light-polluted skies.
Here in Seattle i can -read- next to my telescope (by reflected city/sky light) while
it successfully aligns.

Meade is aware of these problems, and they -are- trying to fix them.

good luck, all

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