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ETX-70EC lost its battery connection wires
Last updated: 9 December 2009
Sent:	Tuesday, December 1, 2009 18:19:36
From:	David Davis (
I have been handed an ETX 70 EC to repair, maybe buy. It took me a while
to get into the scope, the bottom plate screws were under the rubber
feet. I think I fixed most of the issues but there is no connection
between the battery case in the bottom of the scope body and any of the
boards. I suspect someone has been into the scope before .. or Meade has
very poor quality control. Can you point me to a picture, a schematic,
something that might tell me where to connect the battery wires to the
circuit board? Seems like a nice little scope.

David Davis
Toledo, OR 97391


Bob Hudgens down in Texas had a working ETX 70EC and he popped the
bottom cover off and took a picture of the connection for me. I will
send you that picture if you like. The wires connect to the board that
holds the switch and the AC adapter socket. With the cover off of the
base and the switch facing away from you, the Azimuth drive assembly is
on the right. There is a mounting screw for the motor assembly right
next to the board near the right end. Just above that screw are two
solder connections. That is where the battery hooks in. The black wire
hooks to the right solder joint, the red to the left solder joint.

Many thanks again to Bob Hudgens.

David Davis


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