Last updated: 23 June 2009
Subject:	ETX-90 8X21 finderscope tip
Sent:	Sunday, June 21, 2009 22:39:04
From:	BJames (
ETX-90 8X21 home made finderscope mount.

This site has been a tremendous help so I thought I could contribute
some ideas.

We all now what a pain it is to try and use some of the ETX's
finderscopes in their stock mounts.

I came up with a great way to make a lightweight extender for the 8X21mm
finderscope. The cost of this was under $2.00.

I went to the hardware store and bought a 1 inch diameter PVC pipe, a 90
degree elbow and a tee. Cut the 90 down (optional) to keep it short but
leave enough for a piece of pipe to fit into it. Cut the T down the same
way. Cut a long enough piece of pipe to fit between the 90 and T and
glue em togethr. Cut the other part of the T in half . It will look like
an upside down saddle. I cut a piece of foam and glued it into the
saddle and let it slightly overhang to cushion the 8X21 finder. After it
dries, drill 2 holes for the zip ties. You can get the kids foam sheets
at a craft store. Cut a piece of pipe long enough to fit in the factory
holder and your done.

Paint it any color you want. This could be turned either way in the
bracket. Try it, you'll like it!


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