Last updated: 19 June 2009
Sent:	Friday, June 19, 2009 15:57:28
From:	BJames (
ETX-90 EC Image shift fix.

I was having a serious problem with image shifting when focusing in and
out. Serious enough to fix it myself. After reading some tips I thought
I would try something different. The problem was the focus rod was
wobbling badly in it's threaded cell. I needed something that could hold
it staionary while focusing. I bought a nylon nut and bored it out just
enough to where the threaded focus rod would grab and cut its own
threads but still turn easy. I ran the nut down flush with the surface
and applied Gorilla glue around the outside of the nut and allowed 24hrs
to dry. I also upgraded to a heavier spring in the process. This
requires removing the three screws from the back of the scope and
removing the OTA by itself. Then unscrewing the primary mirror cell from
the back of the OTA. If you don't feel comfortable doing this, it's best
you dont. You have to be very careful not to touch the primary when
doing this. Trying this will most likely void any warantees with Meade.
I take no responsibility for anyones decision on trying this. Use this
tip at your own risk!


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