Last updated: 19 September 2009
Sent:	Wednesday, September 16, 2009 15:10:33
From:	Heinrich Bofinger (
I took my ETX 90 PE to Australia a few weeks ago. I had it in the carry
on, and it survived the trip over well. I used in the Blue mountains,
but when I put it back into the hotel room, I one careless move caused
me to break the arm holding the LNT module.  I managed to do a field
repair (went to a hardware store, got some allen keys and glue, removed
the unit, glued the broken part, and put the whole thing together
again), but from this point I got nervous.

I found a metal support bracket by JMI Telescopes for the ETX 125, but
not for the ETX 90. Since I also have an ETX 125, I decided to get it,
and it is a solid modification. But My 125 does not travel anything
close to the 90, and the 90 is the one where the arm broke. Since JMI
does not (yet) make a part for the 90, I decided to order another one
for the 125, put the Dremel to it, and it now fits nicely on the 90. In
the photo attached the red markings are the cuts I had to make, and the
new hole I had to drill. I now think this is a wise precaution


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