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Last updated: 4 November 2009
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This might give you some ideas for a stool for your new observatory.

Attached are pictures of an astronomer's stool which is adjustable in
height from 21 to 36 inches.  It is made from the adjustable end of a
woodworker's  inch adjustable pipe clamp,  inch plywood,  inch pipe and
fittings.  The legs and seat  post are screwed in only hand tight making
it easy to disassemble and compact for travel.  The seat is 12 inches in
diameter, the legs are 15  inches long and the seat post is 20 inches
long.  The flanges for the legs are mounted on wedges, so that the legs
tilt outward at a 5 degree angle, to prevent rocking.  I also fabricated
a lever to make it easier to release the clutch plates of the clamp.

Forrest Lundberg




Mike here: I really like my Starbound Observing Chair but I do wish it had wheels. So I'm still looking for a good stool. Your stool looks like wheels could be easily added but with three legs, would it be stable?

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