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From:	Nohr Tillman (
Figured out one way to tighten up the rear port on the ETX-125. Looking
at the design, it appears to be a insert-from-the-back then swedge-fit
to the plastic type of fit. Being an  ex-automotive repair tech, I
looked for some tool I could use to tighten up the swedge. It turns out,
I have a bearing-race driver (tapered head going from 1.275 inch to
1.410 inch in 0.5inch) that matches the taper of the Meade rear port
swedge. Even using hand pressure to test-fit the tool, I could tell the
fit was tightening up.

I aligned the tool with the rear port and back cover of the ETX and
placed in a hydraulic press (12-ton, common in auto shops). I only gave
it two pumps of pressure, and I can no longer move the rear port by hand
using a lot of effort. The T-adapter is rock-solid now. Of course the
flip mirror was out of the way (removed) when this was performed.

Not a repair I could recommend posting, but if someone is really adament
about tightening this port without glue, I seem to have found a

Nohr Tillman
Troy, MI, USA, Earth
Mike here: That's a really serious repair tool (a 12-ton press)!


Well, sometimes tight means some serious tools ;-) It really didn't need
that much, but a smooth hydraulic pressure is better than hammering on
it (which still might work). Honestly, the bearing driver set I used is
quite common, so someone with the same unique set of
skills/tools/desire-for-rear-port-tightnes could achieve the same
results. My guess is Meade has a station that does this press operation,
and sometimes it gets missed or not is not done strong enough. Then
again, that line might not be in operation anymore.
Nohr Tillman

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