Last updated: 28 January 2010
Sent:	Thursday, January 28, 2010 10:17:01
From:	Tyron Yun (
Just wanted to follow-up and let you know what I've done regarding
mounting the finder on my ETX-125.  I thought long and hard about
drilling holes even though it'd be only to the saddle piece and not the
OTA itself and decided to try the double-sided tape option first.  I
used 3M super heavy duty mounting tape and the adhesion is surprisingly
strong and firm.  I've tried to wiggle the mount and can detect very
little movement; it's almost as if the mount is screwed down.  I've
attached a photo to show the final result. The finder is a Meade 8x21
correct image finder (small and light, just what I wanted) and the metal
mount was purchased from (it came with a Meade
6x30 finderscope).  The foot of the mount was curved for a 9" diameter
OTA so I had to grind a bit from the center of the mount to the fit the
curvature of the ETX saddle.  A couple of layers of electrical tape
around the 8x21 finder where the adjustment screws touch protects the
tube from scratches and provides some bite for the screws.  I use my ETX
quite a bit for terrestrial viewing so now I can find a target and view
it and not have to turn the AutoStar on at all.

On a separate note, you might notice a ring around the focus knob. 
That's just a 1 1/4" rubber grommet with a 3/4" center hole purchased
from the hardware store (came in a pack of various sizes).  The center
hole was just a tad too large for the focus knob but again a wrap of
tape around the knob was all that's needed for a firm fit.  I feel I
have finer focus control now and the rubber seems to dampen vibrations.



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