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Last updated: 12 August 2010
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I've read a few emails on your site about people frustrated with finding
replacement parts...

Last night I was working with my ETX 90 and the 884 tripod that it is
paired with.  While I was setting the tripod up I was attacked by
'murpy'.  The e-clip on one of the mounting knobs that secures the ETX
to the tripod popped loose or broke, I'm not sure which, and both the
clip and the washer dropped off of my deck between the boards into the
gravel below.  Fortunately the spring was not lost.  I looked for a
while but with darkness coming fast I wrote them off figuring I could
improvise later.

My improvisation paid off -- for anyone that has lost similar parts I
would suggest a trip to one of the big home improvement stores such as
Lowes or Home Depot (if you want to delete the names, please feel free)
for a Hillman # 880766 six-millimeter washer and a Hillman 1/4 inch
e-clip.  I'm not sure if the holes in the mounting plate are universal
on all of the 884's (mine is over 10 years old), but the parts I
mentioned make good replacements for the originals.  The 6 mm washer is
a better fit than the original and seems like it was made for the tripod
as there is very little play side to side, but moves freely up and down.

Thanks for all of the fascinating info on your site!  It has been very
helpful on many occasions.

Jim Hunt
Lacey, WA
Mike here:

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