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Last updated: 8 September 2010
Sent:	Sunday, September 5, 2010 17:53:12
From:	Ross Elkins (
Had my new nexstar out in the field last night. What started out as an
excellent stargazers night turned poor after my scope got dewed up.
Since it's a holiday weekend I got creative. Also it seems real
expensive for these cheap pieces of plastic.

So, I took a suitable black plastic planter pot from our gardening
collection and cut it down to size with scissors. I started with a 10"
conical pot. Then I sanded the inside for a flat finish and applied some
Velcro to one side of the scope and pot with a notch cut out on the
other to fit my particular scope. Almost looks good and took an hour!
Will test tonite. In the dark no one will notice if I don't have a
fashion statement.

Ross is on my iPad

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