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Last updated: 30 April 2011
Sent:	Wednesday, April 27, 2011 18:41:08
From:	Mike Amonett (
I have a suggestion for those of us who have nowhere to store items like
the autostar or a small external 12v battery pack.

I picked up a couple of conduit hangers at Lowe's for less than a dollar

These hangers have a hole that is used to attach the hanger to the
building material and a round "clamp" that will attach around a tripod

Next attach a piece flat aluminum stock with a counter sunk hole and
screw to the hole that is intended as the building material mounting

Next place VELCRO on the flat aluminum stock and you have a secure place
to hang your "goddies".

I made a 12v 4.4ah LI-ION battery pack (of my own design), and designed
a charger for it, simple but effective.

It hangs one leg of the tripod and the autostar on another.

This is how I power my ETX-125.

Mike Amonett

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