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Last updated: 17 April 2013

Sent:	Sunday, April 14, 2013 17:36:08
From:	Paul Haug (
Since I set my scope in the same place for night viewing I wanted a
quick and fool proof way of setting North accurately without using the
North star. North star is hard for me to see clearly in south Florida.

Here is a unit I made for a North calibration light. It is a modified
solar powered garden light. I removed the white led and replaced it with
a red led. I also added a 2K resistor in series with the led to make it
dim for night use. The red led is mounted on the side of the unit so the
entire unit can be placed permanently on any post a 100 yards or so
distant. I used one of those skinny metal poles used for fencing to make
it easy to move. It charges during the daytime and last all night. Cost
of the unit was $1.99 at Target (or any garden center).

The picture attached shows pre mod, being modified, and finished unit.

Hope this is useful for someone.




In my previous email I forgot to mention I have a few of these units
that I could modify and would send to anybody, just cover priority mail
padded envelope cost at $6.00 .
Just email me at
Also tell me if you want bright red LED or a dim red LED.
I only have enough garden lights to provide 5 modified units, so first
come, first served. 

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