Last updated: 19 January 2001

4504 Camera Mount

Subject: broom-head PCV sexipod camera mount for 4504
From: e_suty@yahoo.com (Evan Sutton)

Being intrigued enough by my t-p mount photos I was compelled to upgrade to this setup. I started by selecting a suitable slab of plastic (a push-broom head with bristles pulled out). Using a router I slotted the ends to fit the optical-tube brackets. I disassembled 2 el-cheepo camera tripods to get the camera mounts. I connected the 2 mounts with plastic pvc pipe. I drilled and tapped a hole in the broom-head for one camera mount (upside-down). It is a bit cantankerous to adjust and any significant focus adjustments require mount readjustment, but once set up it holds my… (I mean my wife's) digital camera quit solidly. I use the cameras timer option, as I read from someone on your pages, to insure no jiggling during exposure. Next hope to try some 35mm shots with same mount.

camera mount camera mount

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