Last updated: 4 November 2001

Wedge and Pier for ETX-70AT

Wedge From: SonomaPilot@mac.com (Sonomapilot Mike)

I basically followed what Clay did with a few minor changes since this is for my ETX-70. The height is roughly the same. I used the same materials except for 4" pvc and fittings and "gripples" instead of the clamps he used. I basically used his ideas and substituted some parts. The leg braces are 1/4" aluminum that I cut with dremel. The actual legs are heavy duty shelf brackets I purchased from lowes. In between where anything touches something else (wedge to pier) I used the little chair feet circle things made of felt. I also used 3/32" coated cable (they were out of any kind of 1/4" clamps, gripples etc). I sprayed 5 coats of rustoleum royal blue after priming with 4 coats. Then I went over it with 2 coats of clear gloss enamel.

If you have any questions, email me and I'll see what I can do to help.

Clear skies,

Mike Goddard

Wedge Wedge Wedge Wedge Wedge

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