Last updated: 15 March 2002

#883 Tripod Modification for Polar Mounting

Sent:	Tuesday, March 12, 2002 20:57:52
From: (Jim Dishman)
As you know there is an inherent design problem in the #883 tripod when
using the ETX-125 in polar mounting. I pondered for a while on what to
do to solve the instability problems caused when using the ETX-125 in a
this position.  I wanted to keep my 883 tripod because, one I am used to
it, and two, tripods are darn expensive!  So, being the incurable
engineer, I sorted through dozens of ways to fix this problem.  The one
I finally setteled on came to me while handling my table tripod and the
low lattitude balance weight that came with it.  I got a longer threaded
rod of the same thread pitch as the factory lattitude adjustment screw. 
To the end of this I fixed a counterweight, which doubles as the knob
for lattitude adjustment.  The result is a MUCH more stable platform (as
stable as the 883 can be).  And to clamp the legs, instead of a $45
clamp system Scopetronics uses, I simplu used some small "C" clamps
which I covered in key places with felt to avoid scratching the legs. 
Voila!  A home fix for a nagging problem.  I have attached a sketch of
the fix as my digital camera is not cooperating as of this writing.

Clear skies to you,

Jim Dishman.
Tripod Fix

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