Last updated: 7 August 2003

.965 to 1.25 Eyepiece adapter for ETX90-EC

Sent:	Monday, August 4, 2003 19:57:04
From: (Martin Lewicki)
"Free" ETX90-EC film-canister-adapter for .965" eyepieces.

It just so happens that a 35mm plastic film canister makes a perfect
eyepiece holder for .965" eyepieces that will fit into the EXT90-EC draw
tube. Just cut a round hole, a bit under .965", in the bottom end of the
film canister so the eyepiece can sit snuggly up to the eyepiece flange.
(You can use a round file to smooth and shape the hole). Also cut off
the rim of the open end of the canister. This will enable the canister
to easily drop into the ETX90EC draw tube. Fortunately the ETX90-EC has
a built-in stop at the bottom end of the drawtube that prevents this
film-canister eyepiece adapter from falling through on to the diagonal -
thanks Meade!

The pictures show the simple process that created a .965" to 1.25"
adapter for an old Unitron eyepiece.

Martin Lewicki

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