Last updated: 21 September 1999

Some Add-ons

From: John Deriso (JDeriso@Alphaind.com)

Attached are photos of my ETX-90/EC on the Meade Field Tripod, the Autostar, a modified Daisy red dot sight, homemade foam carry case, blinky lights for the tripod legs, and the homebrew ep caddy that also holds the Autostar. Not shown here, but always used, are Scopetronix' tripod clamps and dew shield. Maybe some of these shots will give ETX users some construction ideas.

Whole Rig Assembled: ready to go. Eyepieces: fit in 1-1/4" holes cut in the plywood. Red Dot: homebrew wooden mount with rubber ant-skid strips, flat black Kryon finish, held down with black tie-wraps. Stock alt/az adjustments have been replaced with #8-32 cap screws with push-on plastic knurled knobs. Brightness potentiometer forward of ON/OFF switch. Silvered lens was washed clear with muriatic acid.

Landing Lights: blinky lights, made from Radio Shack parts, on the tripod legs help avoid kicks.

Platform bottom: the 12" x 12" x " plywood ep/Autostar platform I put between the ETX and the tripod. This view shows the extra circle of plywood that keys to the tripod.

Platform Top: 3/32" basswood disc with cutouts for the ETX feet, keys the ETX into alignment with the platform and tripod. The Autostar holder is carved from a poplar block, glued and screwed to the plywood. Flat black Krylon finish. White labels here and on the ETX aide positioning in dim light.

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