Last updated: 10 May 2002

Subject:	 ETX Baffle questions
Sent:	Sunday, May 20, 2001 10:52:41
From: (Clay Sherrod)
There are any number of ways to resecure the baffle tube for good.  I
recommend using four small "dots" of epoxy glue at 90 degree increments
around the perimeter of the baffle tube itself; let it sit for about 20
seconds after appling the final "dot" and then carefully position into

1)  The baffle probably does not need to be cleaned (if you are merely
referring to the tube itself); brush it off with a shoe brush or soft
cloth if need be; if any of the flat black paint shows through anything
shiny, then you might apply some new flat black paint....make sure the
paint has fully cured for several days before sealing the tube back up.

2)  The best way of removing the glue from the glass is by rolling it
gently with your finger; you must clean the inside surface AFTER doing
this of all fingerprints and residue with the alcohol/distilled water

3)  If you cannot get the ring of tape from Meade that is made for this,
I would suggest NOT using tape and using Epoxy glue instead.

4)  Attach glue and/or tape ONLY to  the baffle tube end ring, not the

5)  Center the baffled precisely with the outline of the secondary
mirror; once done, the meniscus cell is fully aligned once you have
screwed it back onto the end of the ETX scope.

Clay Sherrod

Subject:	Baffle Fix
Sent:	Friday, May 10, 2002 9:38:32
A warning to anyone who is thinking of fixing the secondary baffle on
any scope.....

I have an ETX-90 RA.  The secondary baffle had slipped down so I thought
I'd repair it.  I followed the directions for the secondary baffle fix
on your site.  All went well until I substituted a gel super glue for
the two part epoxy.  The problem is the glue reacted with the coatings
on the element.  The central aluminized spot is now discolored, looks a
little like oil film on water, and there is a cloudy halo around both
the inside and outside of the baffle.  I have tried to remove the cloudy
film to no avail........I believe I have ruined the secondary

I will be placing a wanted add with my next email.....
Mike here: You might want to contact Meade and see what they can do for you.

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