Last updated: 9 April 2001

Cameraconnector for Pictures with ETX and Canon G1

From: Gerald Wechselberger (gerald_wechselberger@at.ibm.com)

Please find attached some pictures which should explain how i built my own Cameraconnector for making Moon-, Sun- and Planet- pictures with the CANON G1 (or other digital cameras) on the ETX .

What material did i use?
6 - 8mm thick sandwiched wooden plate, to cut out the base for the camera holder
Camera mounting screw (like camera screw on tripod)
Different waterpipes to fit on the on side the diameter of the the camera objective and on the other side the diameter of the selected eyepiece. (the waterpipe firstly give connection to the eyepieces and secondly are a shield against straylight which destroys the qualitty of pictures if you do eyepiece projection shots.)
Adhesive tape, plastic strips and - if you want a more rigid and stable connection - the 'visual back' eypiece holder for the ETX.

Here some pictures which should explain the details:

Cameraconnector Cameraconnector Cameraconnector Cameraconnector Cameraconnector

All pictures show the connector with using the 'Visual back' for the ETX.

Important WARNING,
If you try to do the same : DO NOT PUT STRESS ON THE CAMERA OBJECTIVE. This could damage your camera. So, the diameter of the pipe should allow the camera objective to move easily in and out without touching! The weight of the camera in my device is kept by the tripod screw mounted through the wooden plate! This letter is only an explanation how i built my own cameraconnector. It works without trouble with me. I will not take any responsibility if you try to do the same and damage your camera!

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