Last updated: 31 December 2003

Another Case Modification

Subject: ETX 125/105 Case
Date: 12/30/03, 12:58
From: Peter Green (
Like many others I will lead off with "Great site!"  I have an ETX125
and LX90 and have learned a lot about astronomy and telescopes in
general from your site.

A year a go, I bought an ETX125 with UHTC.  I was looking for something
more portable than my LX90.  I don't intend to travel with the 125, but
I did want something that was easy to load into the car and drive to a
dark location.  I considered buying a commercial case, but I opted for a
modified tool box version.  I saw some feedback on the Sears case, and
after some searching found a great toolbox at Lowes.

This Stanley tool box set cost around $60.  The main box is slightly
bigger than the Sears case, has 6 inch wheels, aluminum sides and a pull
out handle for easy transportation (the Stanley box seems to be built
much better than the Sears box).  There is a bonus toolbox that attaches
to the top of the main box that adds extra storage.  (The systems works
with or without the smaller tool box attached).  Having an LX90, I have
found the extra toolbox very handy to store power cables, flashlights,
star charts and other accessories shared by the ETX and LX90.  This
system gives you tons of stoage!

To secure the ETX inside the box, I built a wooden frame.  The frame was
built with 1" pine, and I used the dust cap from the ETX as a guide for
drawing the cutouts on the wood.  I cut the "cradle" about 3/8 inch
larger than the telescope dimensions to allow for the addition of
padding.  To pad the telescope, I found 3/4" wide, 7/16" inch thick
rubber foam weatherseal (available at Lowes or local hardware store).  I
glued the foam to all side of the frame that contact the telescope (see
picture).  A couple bungee cords keep the ETX nicely secured to the
frame.  The telescope and frame fit nicely into the main toolbox.
Obviously I would not use this setup for airline travel, but it works
great for general storage and transporting the ETX to friends' house or
to the local observing park.





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