Last updated: 13 January 2001

Counterweight System

From: acoholic@onlink.net (Andrew Coholic)

Here are 4 pictures, two are the counterweight bracket, in prime focus and piggyback mode. Self explanatory - I think. The other two are my bracket for getting the finderscope out of the way of my head, a small aluminum arm that allows the removal of the finder with one screw (easy, even in the cold) and the other is my mod to the tripod. I bolted 3 small pieces of steel angle iron to the legs, and then formed 3 equasl length 1/4" diameter aluminum rods that slip into holes drilled into the angle. Makes the tripod VERY sturdy, 10X at least. I am also going to get the Scopetronics leg clamps soon too. Makes a decent tripod really usefull, for not too much $$.

Thanks for a great site!

Andrew Coholic

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