Last updated: 10 August 2001

Simple Counterweight

Sent:	Friday, August 10, 2001 12:19:36
From:	BIGBOY7JIM@netscape.net
I solved my counterweight problem (at least I hope so)!!!! I'm rather
delighted with the way it turned out and it was super easy to make! I
have a grand total of about 5.00 rapped up in it!!!! not bad huh? I
already had the bino L-mount from my swift 20X80's (which I wasn't using
because I had a "super" C mount on my bino's so as to mount a red dot
finder!),the swift mount is very heavy and seems to work very well! I'm
sending you several pic's so you can give me your opinion (which I
respect greatly!!!! The only real problem that I forsee is when and if ,
the scope has to find an object very near the horizon, it might hit the
threaded rod! In the alt/az mode, one should never have a problem
though, but heh, who uses their scope in the alt/az mode, right?

My list of materials are as follows:

1. 1/4-20 threaded rod (1.69)
2. 12 1/4" fender washers (.9 each)
3. 4 1/4-20 nuts (.12 each)
4. bino tripod L-mount (about 15.00)
5  about 2 hr's time putting together



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