Last updated: 17 April 2003

Easy mounting for Daisy Red Dot Sight

Sent:	Tuesday, April 15, 2003 14:32:12
From: (Tom and Kathi)
I've noticed there has been a lot of ways that people have come up with
in order to mount the Red dot sight onto the ETX.  Some more
difficult then others.  If there is no need to keep the original
finder then I suggest the method I use.  I wanted a way to mount
the finder with no possible modifications to the ETX so I came up with
mounting the Daisy sight onto a  1" wood dowel 4.25" long.  I
made a small flat area on the dowel so that the finder would sit
securely.  I used flat black paint to make  it look nice, then
used small zip ties to secure the sight to the dowel.  When
attached to the scope, the finder sits up higher making it easier to
look through and align.  The picture below shows the finished
product.  You'll  be happy using this setup.  Any
questions feel free to email me at

Daisy Red Dot Sight

Daisy Red Dot Sight

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