Last updated: 17 September 2000

Viewfinder dewshield/solar cover

From: tpmiles@bellsouth.net (Tony Miles)

Here's one more example of me having too much spare time on my hands.....

Down here in the south we have very humid weather, and a dewshield for your ETX is a must. Well, the other morning while observing the Great Orion Nebula my right angle viewfinder dew'ed over. So, I took some extra foam that I had from another project and I made a mini-dewshield for it. Which seems to work pretty good. Then this morning while observing only one lousy sunspot as the sun rose, I happened to realize that the diameter of the viewfinder and the diameter of the plastic eyepiece cover were the same. So I stuck the eyepiece cover into the my new mini-dewshield and the dewshield back on my viewfinder. Now I won't accidentally be blinded by the viewfinder when observing the sun.

dew cap dew cap
Take care,

Subject:	 Viewfinder dewshield/solar cover     
Sent:	Saturday, September 16, 2000 04:48:46
From:	beruberu@webshuttle.ch (HAAKE Philippe)
I just put a fujifilm small black box on my right angle viewfinder. I
made one small hole in it because it is easier to take it of (because it
fit so good.)

i hope it help some of you

Best Greetings From SWITZERLAND
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